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Star Builders Supply Building, Little Italy

Star Builders Supply Building, San Diego, California Landscape Painting

Do you love the industrial quality of this circa 1911 building as much as I do?

It’s currently vacant. There are so many great potential uses- restaurants, art studios and galleries, wine bar, boutique hotel. It’s right by the trolley stop too. Pretty great location.

When I was researching this building, wondering what it was, I discovered an evil plot to tear it down and put in a parking lot! What a travesty.

We could easily build the parking structure over top of Star Builders Supply with gigantic stilts, or perhaps incorporate the historic structure into a new construction. I hope it will be saved.

Click here to learn more about Star Builders Supply and the effort to preserve this historic structure.

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Independence Day Painting

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest

So I’m a huge fan of Jeffersonian architecture.

This is Poplar Forest, our 3rd president’s retreat near Bedford, Virginia. The house is seen from the south lawn.

We went to Poplar Forest a few years ago, and we weren’t able to tour the inside, I think because of restoration work.

Jefferson was a complex individual, author of liberty, owner of slaves.

Informational Plaques

“In Bedford I have two plantations, adjoining, of 16 hands (slaves) each, uplands of the first quality, where I cultivate both tobacco and wheat.”

T. Jefferson, January 20, 1815

Informational Plaques

In June 1781 (during the Revolutionary War), Thomas Jefferson and his family arrived at Poplar Forest after retreating from Charlottesville during a British raid. Jefferson and his family stayed at Poplar Forest until late July.

You can read more about Poplar Forest here.

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Happy Independence Day!

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape 2

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape Painting, Santa Barbara, California by Kevin Inman Art

We spent a long weekend in Santa Barbara, CA, and drove up into the gorgeous Santa Ynez valley one day. This painting started as a sketch that day.

The Santa Ynez valley immediately made me think of Corot’s groundbreaking Italian plein air landscapes.

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Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake Still Life Painting by Kevin Inman Art

Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

This cake is leaning. This is what happened.

I wanted to do cake paintings, specifically, triangular slices of cake. These are surprisingly hard to find, because a lot of the bakeries are degenerate and sell square slices of cake.

But I persevered. I went to all the supermarkets, all the bakeries. The urge was strong. Ralph’s, I discovered, sells the coveted triangular cake slices.

So I went to the store, I selected the prettiest slice of cake.

I came home, the cake kept wobbling and falling over. So I trimmed the bottom off the cake and ate it, and then it leaned like this.

Since this project started I have gained five pounds.

It’s your birthday, buy yourself some cake.

Little Italy Streetscape, San Diego

San Diego California Landscape Little Italy Downtown Urban Painting

A street corner in Little Italy, San Diego. I think this is Kettner, but I’m not sure. That’s the famous Wyland mural on the building to the left. I spent a couple of hours walking around this neighborhood while I was getting my car worked on, and started this painting and a couple of others.

I like Little Italy. It’s a mix of Victorian and ultramodern, which I find very appealing… with great pizza and terrible parking.

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