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Virginia Woods Painting

Virginia Autumn Woods

Virginia Woods Painting

Virginia Woods Painting- For Sale

Here’s another painting of the bike path I used to ride to and from work, which wound through farms and forests and along an old railroad cutting through rock. It’s a nice ride if you’re in the Blacksburg area.

I started this painting either during or shortly after getting back from our trip to Blacksburg last autumn.

Blacksburg Virginia Woods Painting

Green Virginia Woods

Blacksburg Virginia Woods Painting

Blacksburg Virginia Woods Painting- Buy Now

Along the bike path between Blacksburg and Christiansburg, in the New River Valley, Virginia.

Once upon a time, I lived at one end of this bike path. I worked along a fork of the path, at Virginia Tech, and frequently biked to work in all weather. It was only a couple of miles, through farms and fields of cows and mud puddles and through the woods.

Sometimes- and almost every day in the summer- I’d take the other fork, which led here. And I’d continue past this spot, making it about a 12 mile bike ride all told.

Though I rode here in all seasons and all weather, in my memory this place is a golden summer afternoon, listening to the first Sugarland album on my iPod, riding a bike.

Eucalyptus Morning

San Diego Landscape Painting, Eucalyptus Trees in Balboa Park

I love the soaring, graceful lines and cathedral-like vaults made by mature eucalyptus trees.

Like the iconic Washingtonia palm, eucalyptus isn’t a native species to the California coast. Because of that, there’s been a backlash in recent years about planting both these beautiful trees along streets and in parks and neighborhoods.

I can see the logic, though I wouldn’t say I agree with it… because I love these trees!

This stand of eucalyptus is on the edge of Balboa Park, and leads into a Hillcrest neighborhood of gracious old homes.

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