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Capistrano Beach Painting

Capistrano Beach, Dana Point California

Capistrano Beach Painting

Capistrano Beach Painting – For Sale

Late afternoon haze at Capo Beach in Dana Point.

I am a person who usually finishes my oil sketches into more elaborate paintings because I like them polished- but in this case, the loose treatment seemed to reflect the quality of the light. So I left it.

Ocean Beach Painting, San Diego California

Ocean Beach Painting

Ocean Beach Painting, San Diego California

Ocean Beach Painting- For Sale

This plein air painting is looking at Ocean Beach from across the channel in Mission Beach.

Ocean Beach Plein Air

From 12/31- officially my last painting of 2012!

“Places Here,” a show of my urban landscapes, will open January 18 at the Lyceum Gallery in downtown San Diego.

More information about the show & driving directions

Blacks Beach Painting, San Diego

Blacks Beach Painting 2

Blacks Beach Painting, San Diego

Blacks Beach Painting, San Diego

This is kind of a companion to yesterday’s Blacks Beach painting, both scenes looking out to sea, and painted at the same time.

When I go to Blacks Beach, I try to do several paintings, since it’s at the bottom of these wonderful soaring cliffs and the stairs down to it are so killer. It’s a great place to paint, with every kind of light effect imaginable from the ethereal to the very stark.

Waves on the Rocks, Cabrillo

San Diego Seascape Painting

San Diego Seascape Painting- For Sale

Waves crashing on the rocks on Cabrillo point. I’d planned to touch up this plein air painting in the studio, but after living with the painting for a while, decided to leave it as-is. Something about the less polished state appeals to me.