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Lake Murray San Diego Watercolor

Lake Murray San Diego Landscape

Lake Murray San Diego Watercolor

Lake Murray – buy now

I painted this sitting on a rock at Lake Murray, near SDSU.

I’ve been working in watercolor more lately, mostly because I cut my pinky finger, and it’s such a hassle trying to keep oil paint from getting in the cut and if I wear a bandaid, my finger doesn’t bend. So there you go, watercolor.

Eucalyptus Grove, San Diego

The eucalpytus grove down the street, on the edge of Balboa Park.

Saturday, please join me at North Park Festival of Arts!

I’ll be in booth J-24 in the Juried Artists area.

May 18, 2013
North Park Festival of Arts, North Park, San Diego
Booth J-24
On University Ave near Iowa St.
Saturday May 18

San Diego Oil Landscape Painting

San Diego Eucalyptus Trees, Gray Day

San Diego Oil Landscape Painting

Eucalyptus in Balboa Park- for sale

A grey day.

I started this painting, and got to here when it started raining. Normally, I’d come back another day to finish, but then I decided I loved it as-is.

And I thought, this is probably one of those where you put one more brush stroke on it and it doesn’t work anymore.

Virginia Winter Farm Landscape Painting

Virginia Winter Farm

Virginia Winter Farm Landscape Painting

Winter in Blacksburg – For Sale

Virginia is in the South, and even the mountains don’t get much snow. Especially in Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech, winters are cold though, windy and often wet. This is a painting of a day like that.

Of course, actually at this moment a major winter storm is bearing down on Virginia- but I won’t be there to experience the snow.

Lake Murray Painting San Diego Landscape

Lake Murray Plein Air Landscape

Lake Murray Painting San Diego Landscape

Lake Murray, San Diego- Buy Now

This plein air landscape is from last Sunday’s California Art Club get-together at Lake Murray in San Diego. I got an early start and was working by 7:30, though the paint out started at 9. As usual, I got lost and the rest of the group materialized on the spit of land I was painting, instead of the one I was standing on.

Virginia Woods Painting

Virginia Autumn Woods

Virginia Woods Painting

Virginia Woods Painting- For Sale

Here’s another painting of the bike path I used to ride to and from work, which wound through farms and forests and along an old railroad cutting through rock. It’s a nice ride if you’re in the Blacksburg area.

I started this painting either during or shortly after getting back from our trip to Blacksburg last autumn.