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Little Italy Victorian Houses San Diego

Little Italy Victorian Houses, San Diego

Little Italy Victorian Houses San Diego

Cottages in Little Italy – San Diego – buy now

Here’s my painting from the Little Italy Art Walk last weekend. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by. I think I posted the one below already- the painting hasn’t been touched since the plein air session.

Painting in Little Italy, San Diego

And working on the piece:

Painting at Mission Federal Art Walk

Victorian House San Diego Painting

San Diego Victorian House Painting

Victorian House San Diego Painting

Victorian cottage painting For Sale

This Victorian cottage is across the street from where one of my drawing groups meets, in the East Village of San Diego. Before it was restored, it was a wreck, but it is beautiful now.

The before:


Like so many things, it just needed a little work.

Little Italy Painting San Diego Plein Air

Another Plein Air at the Art Walk, Little Italy

Little Italy Painting San Diego Plein Air

Fir Street, Little Italy

Today’s plein air painting from the Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy, San Diego. There was an old lime green cottage next door to a dusky twilight Craftsman (maybe Victorian, I’m not sure)- right across from my booth. A perfect place to paint.

Little Italy San Diego Plein Air

Little Italy Plein Air San Diego

Little Italy San Diego Plein Air


This salon in a great old Craftsman is across from my booth at Mission Federal Art Walk. I’m in 784 on Fir St, between India and Columbia Streets, and I’ll be there until 6 PM Sunday, doing another plein air painting. It should be another beautiful day in San Diego!

San Diego House Portrait

San Diego Craftsman House Painting

San Diego House Portrait

Craftsman House on Florida Ave

I love this old, beautifully restored Craftsman. It’s on Florida Ave, a couple of streets away from my house.

This painting is part of my upcoming show at the Lyceum Gallery, opening Saturday, January 12th.

Reception Friday, January 18 from 6-8 PM

We’ll have a reception with wine and refreshments Friday, January 18 from 6-8 PM, at the Lyceum at 79 Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego. (Click here for more info and driving directions). If you are in San Diego, I’d love to see you!

Outside the Laundromat, San Diego

San Diego Urban Painting

Plein Air Outside The Laundromat While My Clothes Were Drying – for sale through Randy Higbee Gallery. 6 x 6 inches, oil on wood, framed.

I was very excited and honored to hear that this painting is included in the amazing 6″ Squared show at Randy Higbee Gallery. The opening Gala Artists’ Reception is Saturday, December 8th, from 5 to 9 PM. (102 Kalmus, Costa Mesa, CA Get Directions.) I’m looking forward to the opening next weekend, and if you are in Orange County, I hope to see you there!

I always liked the steepness of this street, with its pile of buildings crowned with giant, shaggy date palms and a Victorian commercial building housing a yoga studio. The street is lined with a mix of architectural styles, with Victorian cottages at the bottom, 1920s Spanish Revival buildings that house holistic healing places halfway up, and an awesome 1960s Modern library on the opposite side.

I wound up choosing this vantage point because it was the easiest place to park while doing laundry. Lugging the laundry up the hill was not fun, but it was the perfect place, it turned out, to paint.

Also of note, there’s a great Naples-style pizza place right around the corner.

On to other topics.

I’m also excited to announce a solo show of my urban landscape paintings at the Lyceum Gallery!

San Diego Painting

House in Hillcrest

The Gallery is located at the San Diego Rep Theatre lower lobby, in Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego. The show will coincide with Clybourne Park. Opening night and reception, Friday January 18; the play starts at 8 PM. More details to follow.

Painting of Victorian House in San Diego

Pink Victorian House in U Heights

Painting of Victorian House in San Diego

Victorian house in University Heights, San Diego

This pink Italianate Victorian is, for me, the definition of real estate envy. I love the house and it’s in a great neighborhood- University Heights.

I really, really love these old houses. If I had the time, I’d become a realtor!

Rapp Saloon, Santa Monica Painting

Rapp Saloon, Santa Monica California Painting

I liked the way this old brick building (from 1875) was dwarfed by taller, newer structures around it. I was also intrigued by the atmospheric effects of the buildings in late afternoon light so close to the ocean.

This painting started as a drawing when we lost the car in Santa Monica. We’d parked on the fourth or fifth level of the garage- what we didn’t realize is there are several garages “near a J. Crew” which was my only point of reference. So after going all the way up and down two incorrect garages, we wound up in front of this building and I insisted I had to draw it. Mike went to find the car and left me to work on a sketch.

Time passed and I couldn’t get happy with the painting, so I abandoned it and forgot about it. More time passed, and my truck got broken into. While my GPS was stolen, this incomplete painting was not. I decided a square format would work better, so I started over and I wrapped it up today.

This painting is for sale.