Workshops and Classes

Workshops and classes are taught on Zoom for pandemic

Landscape Painting: History and Technique
Tuesday Mornings 10:00-1:00. Via Zoom (San Diego, CA, USA)

July 13-Aug 17 2021

The ancient genre of landscape painting has been continually reinterpreted by each generation of artists in different eras and cultures. Each week we will look at a different artist/approach to landscape painting. This hands-on class will explore the ideas and materials used so that students can create their own similar works. Class will include discussion, instructor demonstration, and in-class guided student work. This class is suitable for students at any skill level; instruction will be tailored to meet the needs of each student.


Student resources:

Here are the books I recommend:

Definitely get these:

Daily Painting by Carol Marine

Alla Prima by Al Gury

Perspective for Artists by Rex Cole

Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy  

These books are more optional:

Alla Prima by Richard Schmid

The Accademia Galleries of Venice General Catalog

Pictures of Nothing Abstract Art Since Pollock by Kirk Varnedoe

Matisse/ Diebenkorn by Bishop, Rothkopf

Euan Uglow The Complete Paintings by Kendall, Lampert

Studio Safety (strongly recommended):

Oily waste can for your painting trash*

Window exhaust fan to exhaust solvents from studio air. I have an older Bionaire model but this one by Holmes has the same features*

*No warranty is express or implied.