Workshops and Classes

Beginning to Intermediate Painting

Thursday Mornings 9:30-12:30 PM. Ocean Beach Studio (San Diego, CA, USA) (via Zoom)

March 18-April 22 2022

Working from still life and student/instructor supplied imagery we will explore several approaches to direct painting (also called alla prima) and indirect painting (layered painting) in oils and acrylics. The instructor will demonstrate each method of working. A variety of in-class exercises will cover drawing, color theory, composition/design, and value. This course introduces the student to a comprehensive skill set and is suitable for beginning and intermediate students. This course has a slower pace than Painting Bootcamp from the same instructor and has ample class time for students to complete their projects.

Landscape Painting: History and Technique
Tuesday Mornings 10:00-1:00. Via Zoom (San Diego, CA, USA)

June 7- July 11 2022

The ancient genre of landscape painting has been continually reinterpreted by each generation of artists in different eras and cultures. Each week we will look at a different artist/approach to landscape painting. This hands-on class will explore the ideas and materials used so that students can create their own similar works. Class will include discussion, instructor demonstration, and in-class guided student work. This class is suitable for students at any skill level; instruction will be tailored to meet the needs of each student.


“The instructor, Kevin Inman, planned the course well and prepared each class very thoroughly. He listened to students’ requests and was very flexible to modify the course too. His instruction was easy to follow, and we could see his demo online as if we were in a studio. I appreciated his sharing of skills and knowledge in painting so willingly. I would recommend his class to a beginning student as well as student with some painting experience.”

“Kevin’s course explored many very interesting practical applications but also gave us the historical context of our materials and exercises. A fun and supportive experience!”


“As a beginner painter, I learned an incredible amount. The instructor Kevin was not only extremely talented, but he also exposed me to new techniques, processes and ideas. It was a huge learning curve for me, and I loved it. Kevin was very helpful, patient and has motivated me to paint in different ways. Great class.”


Student resources:

Here are the books I recommend:

Definitely get these:

Daily Painting by Carol Marine

Alla Prima by Al Gury

Perspective for Artists by Rex Cole

Drawing Cutting Edge Anatomy  

These books are more optional:

Alla Prima by Richard Schmid

The Accademia Galleries of Venice General Catalog

Pictures of Nothing Abstract Art Since Pollock by Kirk Varnedoe

Matisse/ Diebenkorn by Bishop, Rothkopf

Euan Uglow The Complete Paintings by Kendall, Lampert

Studio Safety (strongly recommended):

Oily waste can for your painting trash*

Window exhaust fan to exhaust solvents from studio air. I have an older Bionaire model but this one by Holmes has the same features*

*No warranty is express or implied.