Market Street San Diego Painting Victorian Houses


Termite Tent Painting San Diego Art by Kevin Inman

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If you’re in San Diego, my studio is open to the public by appointment.

Pithy Blurbs

Kevin Inman is a San Diego artist, focusing on landscape paintings.

Kevin says:

I think a work of art should be a feast for the eyes, and that intellectual or theoretical qualities are secondary.

I think a painting should look good when you put it on the wall.

Much of my work is drawn from everyday experiences. I’m interested in the stories that get told by the places we are and the objects we use.

I work almost daily on plein air sketches, which help me refine ideas for larger studio works. The themes in my work emerge from this process.

In my larger studio works, I am looking to highlight an aspect of the human experience.

After growing up in a military family around the US and overseas, Inman studied at the Universidad de Valencia, earned a BA at the University of Virginia, and a MFA in painting at Radford University. Inman has a background rooted in 20th century abstract painting and the Venetian painting tradition.