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Cat Painting for Charity

Cat Painting for Charity Auction

Cat Painting for Charity Auction

I’m normally pretty uncomfortable about donating paintings to raise money in the wake of major disasters. I hate when people turn those disasters into publicity stunts.

But last night I read a lot of personal stories on Facebook of people trying to deal with the storm and its aftermath. I won’t go into the gory details. I remember after the nuke disaster in Japan, animal charities were pretty strapped.

I would like to help if I can, and I’ll donate the proceeds from this auction to an animal charity in the disaster area, so if you like the painting, please feel free to bid in this charity auction. Bidding starts at $100, and the auction fees are waived.

The proceeds from this auction will go to Empty Cages Collective, a New York-based animal and environmental advocacy organization.

Have Cat, Will Travel

Marmalade at Large

We’re pet sitting this weekend for my aunt. She has two dogs that were adopted from Mexico a few years ago and has gone on a wine tour of Santa Barbara with my uncle. They live on a canyon and I’m looking forward to doing some drawings from the deck. I’ve done paintings here before, but I got too exhausted from bringing 75 pounds of laundry to also carry my painting supplies.

I have moved around all of the artwork in the house- I think this is my right as a pet sitter/ painter. I’d left some large paintings in their garage before.

I also brought Miss Marmalade. She enjoys exploring this new space. She activates the space, like a Minimalist sculpture that is alive and made out of cats.

The two small paintings are from my MFA days, and the one on the left was painted by my grandmother, who is a talented artist and quilter. We have several of her wonderful quilts which are perfect for our San Diego weather.

Cat Painting Tuesday: Laser Cat

Custom Painting of Laser Cat

Laser Cat is full of epic strength.

I paint a cat every week. I started this project over a year ago, and I am documenting it on my other website, Cat Painting Tuesday. You can also find Cat Painting Tuesday on Etsy.

I paint cats for various reasons. I like cats, and these paintings are fun. I like to have fun.

I also use these cat paintings to free up my brushes and to experiment with new techniques. Alas, sometimes these experiments fail. That happened this week with a costume cat and a palette I don’t usually employ. So I am rerunning this painting from last summer, and hopefully next week’s Cat Painting Tuesday will be more successful!