Morning in Umbria

Tuscany Italy Landscape Painting by Kevin Inman

For 10 days this October I stayed in what was once a tenant farmhouse to a castle up on the hill beyond this field. Coming from a family that moved all over the place with the US Military, and having traveled quite a bit as an adult, I have seen a lot of beautiful places. I have to say that Tuscany in autumn is the prettiest place I have ever been.

The crops had just been harvested and the fields freshly plowed. To my left was a pig farm. I could hear and smell the pigs, but not see them. This was right on the border of Tuscany and Umbria- the castle had been in both regions at different times. Coming up the lane to the house, you left Tuscany briefly and went into Umbria, then looped back around. The lady who rented me the house told me the creek and the bridge (at the bottom of the painting) is the border. I was standing in Tuscany and painting Umbria. The color of the fields though, was Raw Sienna, a color I regrettably did not have on my palette.

The leaves went from summer green to fall yellow and russet while I was there. Through some magic, or maybe just the same climate change that destroyed the grape and olive crops this year in Tuscany, I was blessed with perfect sunny weather on this trip. I made the most of it.

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