Rapp Saloon, Santa Monica Painting

Rapp Saloon, Santa Monica California Painting

I liked the way this old brick building (from 1875) was dwarfed by taller, newer structures around it. I was also intrigued by the atmospheric effects of the buildings in late afternoon light so close to the ocean.

This painting started as a drawing when we lost the car in Santa Monica. We’d parked on the fourth or fifth level of the garage- what we didn’t realize is there are several garages “near a J. Crew” which was my only point of reference. So after going all the way up and down two incorrect garages, we wound up in front of this building and I insisted I had to draw it. Mike went to find the car and left me to work on a sketch.

Time passed and I couldn’t get happy with the painting, so I abandoned it and forgot about it. More time passed, and my truck got broken into. While my GPS was stolen, this incomplete painting was not. I decided a square format would work better, so I started over and I wrapped it up today.

This painting is for sale.