Temple of Debod, Madrid

Painting of Templo de Debod, Madrid

I painted this in 2019 in Madrid. It sat in a box until this summer, when I discovered it and got worked up about the sketch-finish controversy (this controversy was current in France around 1830).

Did I want to leave it so rough? I usually fall hard on the sketch side of things, but this one I felt like tinkering with.

The Templo de Debod is an 2nd century BC Egyptian temple donated to Spain by the Egyptian government when the original site was due to be flooded by the Aswan dam.

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Pear and Apples

Still life painting of apples and pears by Kevin Inman

In things that are ridiculous: after six months in my new place I still can’t find my camera charger! Somehow taking pictures with my phone just isn’t cutting it, but anyway, here we are. Another CSA box piece. Buy now