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Purple Donut

So I bought this donut before going to Vegas and didn’t have time to paint it. After two weeks in the fridge, it still looked like a donut and smelled like a donut, albeit with less-pretty frosting.

An old-fashioned donut deserves an old-fashioned treatment, doesn’t it? This one comes from the Spanish Baroque.

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Cat Donut Painting

Cat Donut from Donut Bar

Cat Donut Painting

Cat Donut – buy now

Donut Bar in San Diego has become something of a sensation around here. I was there the first morning it opened!

And I’ve been back every single other morning!!! (Not really, just about once per week is my limit but the donuts really are good.)

Donut Bar San Diego Easter Bunny Donut Painting

Easter Bunny Donut Painting

Donut Bar San Diego Easter Bunny Donut Painting

Easter Donut – for sale

Glazed donut in the shape of the Easter Bunny, with Jelly Bean eyes.

This is from a place in San Diego called Donut Bar, where you wait in line for an anxious eternity to get what are apparently THE BEST DONUTS IN THE WORLD.


As you can see, I bought a few…

Donut Painting

Only painted this one though. The rest are slated for demolition tomorrow.

Happy Easter!