Downtown Night, San Diego

San Diego Nocturne Night Painting

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Skyscraper going up a few blocks from my house.

Gas Station, Ocean Beach Painting

Buy Now Painted on location this morning in OB.

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Painted on location this morning in OB.

Mission Beach Roller Coaster

Mission Beach Roller Coaster Watercolor Painting

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The Giant Dipper in Mission Beach… painted on location. I could hear the people on the roller coaster screaming, and I could also hear weirdos in the park screaming various epithets.

Mission beach roller coaster

Plaça del Rei, Barcelona Painting

Plaça del Rei, Barcelona Painting

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Home of the City Museum of Barcelona. Underneath the Plaça del Rei there are Roman ruins… I spent too much time drawing down there and couldn’t finish the history tour upstairs before the museum closed. But I successfully argued they should let me in a second day- “I thought the ticket was good for a year,” I kept repeating until they gave up and let me in.

Ciutadella, Barcelona

Ciutadella Park Barcelona Painting

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Not sure what this place is, an attractive neoclassical court with trees planted in a pattern.

Since it’s at the edge of the Ciutadella park- formally a citadel- this might be an antique building, but is quite likely a 20th century structure in a historicizing style.

Liquor Store, Hillcrest

Hillcrest San Diego Painting

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University Ave in Hillcrest.

Hazard Center, San Diego Watercolor

Hazard Center San Diego Watercolor

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A suburban high rise across from this morning’s breakfast spot: the Starbucks in Hazard Center.

L’Eixample, Barcelona Painting

Barcelona Painting Art Spain

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Near the Diagonal, Barcelona.

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral Door Painting Picasso

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I forced Mike to pose here because I thought this was the same door from a Picasso I’d seen at the Museu Picasso. Turns out I was wrong. Same church though.

Construction Site, Barcelona

Barcelona Painting Oil Plein Air

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I like scruffy places like this. 15 years ago when I lived in Spain, the old city was much grittier, and I kind of missed that. So on this trip I went looking for the areas that were more lived in and not fixed up for the tourists.


Example Painting Barcelona Watercolor Urban Sketch

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Tourists congregate on the Gran Via.

19th and K, San Diego

19th and K Painting Sherman Heights San Diego

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Around the corner from my house in Sherman Heights.

Cats Outside the Egg Wholesale Place

Cats Outside the Egg Wholesale Place

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Near my house in San Diego.

Little Italy Painting, San Diego

Little Italy Artwork San Diego

For Sale. Painted with markers this morning over breakfast.

Saturday at Starbucks

Starbucks Interior Painting San Diego

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The view from breakfast.

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