Imperial Avenue Streetscape

Imperial Avenue Barrio Logan San Diego Urban Landscape Painting

Around the corner from my house. I think this place is an egg distribution center. for sale

Weary Garages, San Diego

Unkempt Garages, San Diego Painting

Hillcrest- buy now

From last year, I think. These garages were down the hill from my old place, and I love the way they slump.

Santa Barbara Sunset

Santa Barbara Landscape Painting

Behind my hotel on East Beach in Santa Barbara. for sale

Sailboats, Dana Point

Dana Point Sailboat Orange County Coast Painting

Vantage point off the San Clemente pier. From last year. buy now

Cliff Rocks, Point Loma

Rocks, Cabrillo Painting San Diego Landscape

A study of light on the ruddy seaside cliffs. Painted on location at Cabrillo in San Diego. for sale

Painting at Cabrillo

Coronado Beach, Late AM

Coronado Beach Painting

Painted on location… the day turned into a scorcher, if I remember correctly. for sale


Waders, Coronado Beach Painting


Wading in the surf, Coronado. Painted on location this afternoon. for sale

Painting, Coronado

House in Ocean Beach Painting

Beach Cottage Ocean Beach Painting San Diego

Painted on location this morning in Ocean Beach. for sale

Painting on OB

San Francisco Embarcadero

San Francisco Painting, Watercolor Embarcadero

At the Embarcadero- for sale

This time last year, I was painting in San Francisco. This is a piece from that trip.

Coronado Beach Painting

Coronado Beach Painting San Diego Landscape

Slight overcast in Coronado, painted on location. Looking down at IB and Mexico beyond. for sale

Painting in Coronado

Coronado Beach Painting

Coronado Beach Painting

Heat wave! I’ve spent every morning this week on the beach in Coronado, painting. Nothing like a dip in the ocean to cool down on a hot day. for sale

Coronado Beach Painting

Coronado Beach Painting

Painted this morning on the beach in Coronado. for sale


French Macaron Still Life Painting

Macaron painting

My friend brought these over for dessert… however, I hid them instead and painted them. for sale
Also did you know they sell macarons at McDonald’s in Spain?

Courtyard at Castell de Montjuïc

Castell de Montjuïc, Barcelona Painting

A brick courtyard in the 18th century fort. They bombarded the city from here in various wars and various iterations of the castle, put revolutionaries against the firing squad, etc. Castles usually have a bloody history and this one is no exception. for sale

Santa Maria del Mar 2

Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona.

A beautiful old church in Barcelona, painted from the bar in the plaza outside. I painted Santa Maria del Mar several times, studying the changing light on the stone.
for sale

Kevin Inman

I'm an artist in San Diego, CA. I focus on landscape and seascape oil paintings.

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