Termite Tent, San Diego

Termite Tent North Park San Diego Painting

Another piece from last year. For sale

The View From The Laundromat

North Park Painting San Diego Watercolor Landscape Sold The view of North Park from the back porch of the Laundromat. I almost rented the house in the foreground.

I don’t normally post sold paintings, but this one is a fun trip down memory lane. I painted it this time last year.

Cat in a Formal Garden

Cat in a Formal Garden Painting

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At Montjuic in Barcelona.

Red Door, Helpful Sign

Red Door Painting

Close door first, then lock it.
Sounds easy enough.
for sale

Bougainvillea in Hillcrest

A small spot of beauty on a busy street. I painted this last year.

Gaslamp, San Diego

Gaslamp Quarter Painting San Diego

A small plein air pen and ink with acrylic in downtown San Diego. This is the view from floor 6 of the Horton Plaza parking structure. I painted this last year, on a hot windy day in winter. Today I went back in a silver rain and thought of this piece. Painting watercolor in the rain, of course, being a futile endeavor.

for sale

The Ghost in the Bedroom

The Ghost in the Bedroom Painting

For Sale
The ghost perched on the foot of the bed, whispering…

Construction Site at Night Painting, San Diego

San Diego Night Painting Construction Site

For Sale
A restaurant going up by the harbor. It was a steamboat restaurant- I heard a strange story that the steamboat sank, but that’s probably an urban legend.

Termite Tented Motel

Termite Tent Painting San Diego

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Many thanks to my friend Bess for alerting me to this fantastic tented motel complex in Mission Valley- 3 large tented buildings.

The air quality was horrible, I still have a sore throat.

Nocturne, South Park

San Diego Night Painting Nocturne

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The canyon by my friend Lenise’s house, in South Park. The South Bay sparkling in the distance.

The Bloody Baguette

Baguette Still Life Painting

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“The Bloody Baguette.” The red blotch is when I went to make a sandwich. Knife slipped and I got my thumb most impressively. After brief reflection, realized this was no longer edible and decided to paint it. I avoid artisan-style baguettes for exactly this reason.


Sunset, Downtown Skyline

San Diego Cityscape Skyline Painting

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From Market Street in Sherman Heights, the western sky painted with fire.

Trash Cans, Sherman Heights

Trash Cans San Diego Painting Sherman Heights

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Walked up 19th Street to the new coffee shop, which does not ever seem to be open. (And it wasn’t.) The evening light looked like Armageddon.

Pecs, Hillcrest

Pecs San Diego Hillcrest

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Pecs in Hillcrest/ North Park.

Coronado Beach Painting

Coronado Beach Oil Painting Landscape San Diego Plein Air

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Coronado on a sunnier day than today. I won’t pretend to love the rain, being just as neurotic as any Californian about it, but I do like this: when it rains, the Eucalyptus tree that hangs alarmingly over the roof makes the whole place smell like a spa.

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