Termite Tent, San Diego

Termite Tent San Diego Painting

Another awesome termite tent in San Diego, at Florida and University. The building was tented a while ago, but I only just got around to painting it. for sale

Clouds in Coronado

Coronado Beach Painting Clouds

Overcast this morning in Coronado. for sale

Trails, Balboa Park

Balboa Park Landscape Painting

A larger studio version of some plein air studies in the canyon. for sale

Santa Barbara Nocturne

Santa Barbara Painting Nocturne Shoreline Park

The park above Leadbetter Beach in beautiful Santa Barbara, just before dawn. I’d gone to paint the beach and spent some time working here while the tide went out a little. What that entails is a headlamp, a clip on light on my painting surface, a Clif Bar and one of those cans of Starbucks espresso. The preliminary studies for this painting are from last winter.

Often we go on family vacations to Santa Barbara, so I try to fit in painting around the edges. This is one of those paintings. for sale

Castle of the 3 Dragons, Barcelona

Castell dels 3 Dragons, Barcelona

Evening light, Barcelona. for sale

Blacks Beach

Blacks Beach Painting San Diego

Cool and gray at Blacks’ Beach. Nice change of weather from the scorching heat. for sale

Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado Painting San Diego

Painted on location in Coronado, morning light. for sale

Ferry Building, San Francisco

Ferry Building, San Francisco

From a plein air watercolor I painted last year in San Francisco. for sale

Paint Patched Wall

Urban Painting Graffiti San Diego

Patchwork to cover up graffiti in Escondido. For sale

From last year.

Sunday at Starbucks

Starbucks Interior Painting Coronado

Painted this morning over breakfast in Coronado. for sale

Little Italy Nocturne

Night Painting Little Italy San Diego

One night in Little Italy, after a disappointing Carbonara. for sale

Starbucks, North Park

Starbucks, North Park San Diego Painting

I painted this corner in North Park a year ago and never was 100% happy with it. I decided to try again. for sale

Trash Day, San Clemente

Trash Cans in San Clemente, California

Not sure what the brown bins are… maybe compost? Buy now

From last year.

House Next Door

Victorian Houses in San Diego

Fences- buy now

The house next door. I didn’t feel like traveling to paint. ;)

From last year.

Mountains, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Sunset, Montecito Painting

A larger painting of sunset on the mountains behind my hotel on East Beach. 12 x 16 inches. for sale

Kevin Inman

I'm an artist in San Diego, CA. I focus on landscape and seascape oil paintings.

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