Courtyard at Castell de Montjuïc

Castell de Montjuïc, Barcelona Painting

A brick courtyard in the 18th century fort. They bombarded the city from here in various wars and various iterations of the castle, put revolutionaries against the firing squad, etc. Castles usually have a bloody history and this one is no exception. for sale

Santa Maria del Mar 2

Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona.

A beautiful old church in Barcelona, painted from the bar in the plaza outside. I painted Santa Maria del Mar several times, studying the changing light on the stone.
for sale

Castell dels Tres Dragons, Barcelona

Castle Painting Barcelona

I had to paint this place, and did several times, because I love the name: Castle of the 3 Dragons. for sale

Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona

Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona Painting

I like castles, despite their inevitably dark histories. In Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona. for sale

Everyone posed for pictures here, and I wonder what they were thinking about. Revolutionaries being executed by firing squad? Bombarding the city during the War of the Spanish Succession? Soldiers pouring boiling oil on them through the murder holes in the ceiling?

Roman Winery, Barcelona

Roman Ruins in Barcelona Painting

The ruins of a Roman winery under the Plaça del Rei in Barcelona, still stained red from the wine. for sale

Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona Painting

Vantage point: the cafe-bar in the plaza outside the church. for sale

Arc de Triomf, Barcelona

Arc de Triomf Barcelona Painting

Painted on location in Barcelona. for sale


Morning in Laguna

Laguna Landscape Painting

Crystal Cove- for sale

A hot morning on the trails above Crystal Cove.

From last year.

The Brass Rail

Brass Rail San Diego Watercolor Painting

Painted from the Starbucks across the street. for sale

Plaça Reial, Barcelona Painting

Plaça Reial Barcelona Painting

Plaça Reial in Barcelona, a beautiful old square full of palm trees and pickpockets. for sale

Tulip Chairs Outside the Laundromat

South Park San Diego Painting

Tulip Chairs Outside the Laundromat – sold

A hot afternoon while my clothes did their thing in the laundromat. In South Park, San Diego.

From last year.

Santa Barbara Beach Sunrise

Santa Barbara Beach Painting Dawn

East Beach at dawn. For Sale

From last year.

Santa Maria Del Mar, Barcelona

Santa Maria Del Mar Barcelona Painting

Plein air, early AM painting of Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona. The smell: chocolate croissants baking in the nearby bakery and old spilled booze. The feeling: bird dookie trickling down my head (forgot to bring paper towels).

Santa Maria Del Mar, Barcelona

NFS, I’m keeping this one as a souvenir.

Rocky Beach, San Clemente

San Clemente Seascape Painting

Rocky Beach, San Clemente, California- buy now

From last year.

East Beach, Santa Barbara

East Beach Santa Barbara Painting

Looking towards Montecito- sold

One of my favorite beaches.

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