Cabrillo Plein Air

Cabrillo Painting San Diego

Painted on location “en plein air” on the rocks in Cabrillo National Monument, out on Point Loma. for sale

I know it isn’t savage weather to you non- SoCal folks, but after 3 hours in a wet west wind, I was frozen.

Wet Wind, Cabrillo

Painted last year.

Beats at Starbucks

Starbucks Interior Watercolor Painting

He tossed the headphones on the table, then disappeared. I wondered why.
For sale

Saturday at Starbucks

Starbucks Interior Painting

Painted over breakfast in Hillcrest, San Diego. Buy Now

Surf, Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego

A surfer waved at me while I was painting this. Hi surfer. For Sale

Sunset Cliffs, OB

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego Sunset Cliffs

I paint this beautiful spot a lot. Buy Now

Mountains in Temecula

San Diego Landscape Painting

North of San Diego, near Temecula. Originally posted last year. for sale

Coronado, Looking South

Coronado Beach Painting

Painted on the beach in Coronado. Very clear day, often these further away mountains fade out into the sky. For sale



Hotel del Coronado Painting

Hotel Del Coronado Plein Air Painting

Painted on the beach in Coronado. Just a beautiful sunny January day, perfect swimsuit weather (I was wearing mine) but the water’s really cold.
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Hotel del coronado

Navy Ship off Coronado

Navy Ship Painting Coronado

Painted this morning on Coronado. Also saw the Blue Angels flying overhead as I was driving to the beach. Buy now

Haze Again, Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Painting San Diego

I spent about four hours painting the changing light on the cliffs in OB.
For sale

Haze, Ocean Beach

Sunset Cliffs Ocean Beach Painting

Beautiful hazy day in Ocean Beach today. Buy Now

Painting in ocean beach

Moat at Montjuic

Montjuic Castle Painting Barcelona Landscape

If I remember correctly, this was formerly the moat at Montjuic Castle in Barcelona. Now it’s a formal garden.
For sale

Mission Trails Plein Air

San Diego Plein Air Painting

I painted this last year. It’s part of my exhibition, On Location, at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, up through January 27. for sale

Here’s the link about the exhibition, dates, hours etc: Kevin Inman, On Location, at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts.

Light at the Mall, Irvine

Los Angeles Urban Landscape Painting

Buy Now
From the “Bridge of Flowers” in Irvine, which I think of as the Cat Piss Bridge.

Arches, Reflections

Coronado Bank, San Diego Landscape Painting

A mid century bank in Coronado. Buy Now

Kevin Inman

I'm an artist in San Diego, CA. I focus on landscape and seascape oil paintings.

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