Night on the Prado

San Diego Night Painting El Prado

Night in San Diego. for sale

The Prado seen from the Cabrillo Bridge. This piece is on display at the historic Marston House in San Diego as part of Art of the Park, an exhibition of paintings of Balboa Park dating from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition to today.

Throwback, Rigoberto’s

Taco Shop North Park San Diego Painting

Rigoberto’s – buy now

For a painter of topography even minor changes in locale can be significant. This painting is from mid 2013, and near my old house. A transitional time for me, when I moved from Hillcrest to Sherman Heights. Night and day different neighborhoods though only a couple of miles away. This piece reminds me what it felt like to live in the old neighborhood, what those artistic motivations were, not so long ago.