Rocky Beach, San Clemente

San Clemente Seascape Painting

Rocky Beach, San Clemente, California- buy now

From last year.

East Beach, Santa Barbara

East Beach Santa Barbara Painting

Looking towards Montecito- sold

One of my favorite beaches.

Victorian in U Heights

Victorian House San Diego Painting Victorian in U Heights- sold.

Torrey Pines Seascape

Torrey Pines Del Mar Landscape Painting Afternoon light – Sold.

I love the twisting goblin shapes of these seaside trees.

East Beach Sunset, Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara East Beach Sunset Painting

Sunset turned East Beach into a sea of floating yellow light. for sale

In the Santa Ynez

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape Painting

From my last painting trip to Santa Barbara. for sale

When I have my periodic fantasies of leaving the city and moving someplace quiet, the Santa Ynez Valley is high on my list, along with Catalonia and the ghetto parts of Italy.

Ledbetter Beach Dawn

Santa Barbara Beach Painting

Leadbetter Beach at dawn- buy now

From a painting trip last summer to beautiful Santa Barbara.

Night on the Prado

San Diego Night Painting El Prado

Night in San Diego. for sale

The Prado seen from the Cabrillo Bridge.

Torrey Pines Seascape

Blacks Beach Bluffs Landscape Painting

At Torrey Pines in Del Mar. for sale

Santa Barbara Sunset Painting

Santa Barbara Sunset Painting

Sunset behind my trusty Motel 6 in Santa Barbara. for sale

Morning in Carpinteria

Carpinteria Santa Barbara Beach Painting

Carpinteria is such a peaceful, beautiful place. The beach there just after sunrise. for sale

Victorian Cat

Cat Painting

Snoozin’ – for sale

This cat lives around the corner. He comes and torments/ courts my cat, Miss Marmalade, through the windows at night. It fills her with rage, which she takes out on me.

Up In Temecula

Temecula California Landscape Painting

Two prepositions in a row… what would our grammar teacher say? I love this beautiful, pastoral region. for sale

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko Still Life Maneki Neko Still Life.

Sold! I have a moderately large collection of these beckoning cats- and I love them all equally like children.

Laguna Canyon Landscape

Laguna Canyon Landscape Painting

Hot noon in the canyon- for sale

Kevin Inman

I'm an artist in San Diego, CA. I focus on landscape and seascape oil paintings.

I am also available for freelance website projects. No project is too small, though some may be too large!

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