Torrey Pines Landscape Painting San Diego

Torrey Pines San Diego Painting

Torrey Pines Landscape Painting San Diego

Afternoon light on the pines- for sale

I wanted to paint this hillside because it reminded me of Monet’s series of paintings of the Customs House at Varengeville.

Monet worked in series, capturing the same thing in different light effects. Some of these paintings are here in the USA, and you can see them side by side. There are several of the Rouen Cathedral paintings at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and several of the Haystack paintings at the Getty in LA.

But I think the Customs House paintings are scattered. We have one here in San Diego at the SMDA, and I just saw another at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. It was the one at the Legion of Honor- a riot of pinks during a blazing noon- that made me think about this place in Torrey Pines.