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Gray Day at Black’s Beach

Blacks Beach San Diego California Painting

Painted at Black’s Beach on a chilly day. Stiff wind off the water. It’s a nude beach but I was glad to have my down jacket with me. I frequently do prefer to strip down while painting here. In part because why not and in part because wearing clothes in this area often results in a weird vibe. I’m a weather wimp, that’s what brought me to San Diego in the first place, so too bad.

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Ocean Beach Pier, aka Misty’s Home

Ocean Beach Pier Painting San Diego Plein Air

I painted this on Monday or Wednesday. I was trying to be on the OB Pier, but I’m not gifted at navigation and wound up on the wrong street and then I got lazy. An older guy showed me his 49ers tattoo and asked me to name the painting “Misty’s Home” after his dog since this vantage point is her favorite place. So here’s “Misty’s Home.”
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