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Blacksburg Virginia Landscape Painting

Blacksburg,Virginia Farm Landscape

Blacksburg Virginia Landscape Painting

This one went out as a Christmas present, so I think it’s safe to post it now!

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I like this painting and I’m glad it found a home. This place is so familiar to me that I feel I could have painted this from memory (though I didn’t). It’s a winding gravel and mud road in Blacksburg, Virginia, and it smells of farm and cold, wet wind and it feels like frozen ears under a bike helmet in the winter. By now, the leaves will have changed and fallen, and the palette turned more to blue, but it’s just as pretty and tranquil a spot, and I like remembering it now from across the country in this perfect, sunny climate.

And now, time to put the finishing touches on Christmas dinner before everyone gets here. This year, we’re having Korean spareribs and a local wine from Temecula. Happy Holidays!