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Santa Ynez Valley Landscape Painting

Santa Ynez Farm Landscape Painting

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape Painting

In the wine country- for sale

Looking down from high hills over farms and fields below, in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.

This painting, well the composition anyway, was inspired by a great painting I saw online, from a similarly high vantage point. Unfortunately, I misplaced the name of that artist- so whoever you were, thank you very much.

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape 2

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape Painting, Santa Barbara, California by Kevin Inman Art

We spent a long weekend in Santa Barbara, CA, and drove up into the gorgeous Santa Ynez valley one day. This painting started as a sketch that day.

The Santa Ynez valley immediately made me think of Corot’s groundbreaking Italian plein air landscapes.

For sale