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Pink House and Palm Trees- San Diego Painting

Pink House and Palm Trees- San Diego Painting

A pink house in Hillcrest, seen from the alley behind, on a bright, sunny San Diego morning.

I like out- of- the- way places like this quiet alley, with a low jumble of rooftops and back yards… I like to paint places that look like they aren’t trying too hard to impress.

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Mission Valley Target Store- San Diego Oil Painting

Mission Valley Target  Store- Painting of San Diego

The Mission Valley Target Store has an eerie presence, long and low at the end of its empty, early-morning parking lot.

Like yesterday’s painting of the termite tent, I’d had a somewhat perverse itch to paint the Target store for a long time. I’m not going to try to analyze it.

This painting of san diego is for sale.

Farm and Clouds

Santa Ynez Valley Landscape Painting

Looking down from high hills over farms and fields below, in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.

This painting is the opposite of how I usually work. Usually I start small and then work large. But this time, I started with a big painting, which turned into a surly adolescent.

So I started over with a small sketch to try to figure out the composition.

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