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San Diego Landscape Painting

Church in Golden Hill, San Diego

San Diego Landscape Painting

Church in Golden Hill- for sale

A plein air painting of a church- I think maybe a church converted to apartments, but I’m not sure- in Golden Hill, San Diego.

The church is Art Deco, I believe is the correct architectural period, but this painting session got shortened and I left out most of those deco details. It got fiercely hot on the hill on this January day, and even despite the UV umbrella, the UV hat, the special UV blocking shirt, I just felt like I was frying in my skin. My freckled, European skin. So I bailed! No deco for you.

Church on Normal Street, Hillcrest

Hillcrest San Diego Painting

Church on Normal Street

This piece almost went into my show at the Lyceum Gallery… opening tonight!

It’s a painting started “en plein air” (painted outside on location) on Normal Street in Hillcrest. This is the spot at one end of the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.

Early morning, before the traffic gets heavy with people going to work, is a nice, peaceful time to paint. I didn’t manage to finish this one before things started getting hectic, with people waiting outside the DMV and streaming by in their cars, ready to hit the highway on their way to their jobs. So I finished it later in the studio; I often work this way.

“Places Here” – Art Reception: 6-8 PM.

Please join us at the Lyceum Gallery in downtown San Diego for the opening of my show, “Places Here.” It’s an exploration of San Diego’s urban neighborhoods, old houses, and hidden alleyways. (Please click here for more info.)

Places Here flyer