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Coronado Beach Plein Air

Heat wave in San Diego. When I started this yesterday it was very clear and hot, with strong gusty furnace like winds.

Coronado Day 1

I didn’t quite finish, so I decided to go back this morning. The light, though, was very different today. Sort of like the apocalypse, with a brown haze over the sea horizon (which lifted eventually as it usually does) and a strange murky quality to the air.

Coronado Day 2

Sometimes you have to choose between the act of copying what you see- that’s what Monet was generally trying to do, as accurately as possible – vs poetic license with your color. It would have been easy enough to edit the color to match a brighter, prettier day, but I decided to tread the path of angels and painted it over with today’s overcast light effects.

Oceanside Plein Air Painting San Diego

Off the Oceanside Pier Plein Air

Oceanside Plein Air Painting San Diego

Painted off the Oceanside Pier. A lot of nice atmosphere today. Some people came up asking my opinions about marijuana for an alleged public service video, but I just told them I didn’t have any opinions/ marijuana.
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