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Virginia Farm Landscape Painting Blacksburg

Virginia Farm Landscape

Virginia Farm Landscape Painting Blacksburg

Virginia Farm Landscape

This painting is one I started in Virginia on our visit to Blacksburg last autumn. It’s been hanging around the studio unfinished until now.

We had all kinds of weather on that trip- just about everything except for snow. This day was sunny and nice- more like summer than fall.

And tomorrow! Please join us at the Lyceum Gallery in downtown San Diego for the opening of my show, “Places Here.” It’s an exploration of San Diego’s urban neighborhoods, old houses, and hidden alleyways.

Reception: 6-8 PM.

Places Here flyer

Please click here for more info.

Virginia Autumn Woods

Blacksburg, Virginia Woods Painting

Walk in the woods in Blacksburg, Virginia- For Sale

Most every day in Virginia, it rained. But not this day, which was sunny and beautiful. I just finished this small studio painting last night, on the Huckleberry Trail in Blacksburg, VA.

*** Hurricane Relief Fundraiser ***

Some of you probably already saw this, but I’d like to donate money to an animal welfare organization in New York City to help with their storm relief efforts. I’m auctioning this painting, and all of the proceeds will go to Empty Cages Collective. You can read more about my effort on this blog post. And thanks again.