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Fall Leaves Painting San Diego Landscape

Fall Leaves, San Diego Painting

Fall Leaves Painting San Diego Landscape

Yellow leaves by the San Diego River. We have beautiful autumn weather in December, and I painted this on location last year, and found it in the cabinet a few days ago. I felt like it just needed a little more work and it would be ready to go. Here’s the final result.
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Virginia Woods Painting

Virginia Autumn Woods

Virginia Woods Painting

Virginia Woods Painting- For Sale

Here’s another painting of the bike path I used to ride to and from work, which wound through farms and forests and along an old railroad cutting through rock. It’s a nice ride if you’re in the Blacksburg area.

I started this painting either during or shortly after getting back from our trip to Blacksburg last autumn.

Virginia Farm Landscape Painting Blacksburg

Virginia Farm Landscape

Virginia Farm Landscape Painting Blacksburg

Virginia Farm Landscape

This painting is one I started in Virginia on our visit to Blacksburg last autumn. It’s been hanging around the studio unfinished until now.

We had all kinds of weather on that trip- just about everything except for snow. This day was sunny and nice- more like summer than fall.

And tomorrow! Please join us at the Lyceum Gallery in downtown San Diego for the opening of my show, “Places Here.” It’s an exploration of San Diego’s urban neighborhoods, old houses, and hidden alleyways.

Reception: 6-8 PM.

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Virginia Mountain Landscape Painting Autumn Leaves

Autumn Landscape, Virginia

Virginia Mountain Landscape Painting Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves in Virginia’s Blue Ridge

This is actually, finally, the last of the plein air pieces from our recent trip to Virginia. I just walked out of the house and set up my easel across the road. I hope to do more studio paintings from the trip as well.

I had a similar view from my place in Virginia, and though my work in those days was considerably more abstract- this was during my MFA days- I did many paintings with a similar format to this one. Looking out at a distant blue skyline, from a high elevation.

Virginia Rain Painting 1

Virginia Rain Painting Landscape

Virginia Rain Painting – For Sale

A rainy day in Virginia, with the trees beginning to burst with autumn color. We just got back from a visit to see friends and family in the area. It didn’t rain every day, but it rained most days. I enjoyed painting outside in the wet and cold.

This is a hill outside Blacksburg, Virginia, in the New River Valley. I lived here for about five years, first working at Virginia Tech and then completing a MFA degree in painting.

It’s a wonderfully scenic place, with farms and forests and old white farmhouses with red tin roofs. This is in the Blue Ridge, which really is blue as the mountains step off into the distance.

You can just walk out the front door and be in a great painting.