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Waves on the Rocks, Cabrillo

San Diego Seascape Painting

San Diego Seascape Painting- For Sale

Waves crashing on the rocks on Cabrillo point. I’d planned to touch up this plein air painting in the studio, but after living with the painting for a while, decided to leave it as-is. Something about the less polished state appeals to me.

Virginia Rain Painting 1

Virginia Rain Painting Landscape

Virginia Rain Painting – For Sale

A rainy day in Virginia, with the trees beginning to burst with autumn color. We just got back from a visit to see friends and family in the area. It didn’t rain every day, but it rained most days. I enjoyed painting outside in the wet and cold.

This is a hill outside Blacksburg, Virginia, in the New River Valley. I lived here for about five years, first working at Virginia Tech and then completing a MFA degree in painting.

It’s a wonderfully scenic place, with farms and forests and old white farmhouses with red tin roofs. This is in the Blue Ridge, which really is blue as the mountains step off into the distance.

You can just walk out the front door and be in a great painting.

San Diego Nocturne

San Diego Nocturne

San Diego Nocturne –For sale

This is an older plein aire nocturne from last winter, when I did several night paintings. I never got around to publishing this one because the combination of the dark colors and the shininess led to flash glare, wrong colors, and sadness. Here’s my heroic effort to finally photograph this piece.

University Avenue in North Park

Painting of San Diego- North Park

Painting of San Diego- North Park

From the Georgia St Bridge, looking out over North Park.

This is the second version of this view of North Park I’ve painted. Well, technically it is the first version, but the first layers of color didn’t dry fast enough (I’d been experimenting with a different oil painting medium), so I impatiently started over with a second version.

After finishing that one, I lost my steam for the first version and put it away for I’m not sure how long, at least a couple of months. But recently I found it in a stack of half-finished work, and decided to give it another effort.

For sale at my Etsy shop.

I Really Like Your Peaches

Peach Still Life Painting

Peach Still Life Painting

Two peaches on the shelf, with a drawing taped to the wall behind. I like organic still life compositions, where the painting just grows out of whatever objects happen to be on the table.

I’ve got away from that idea recently, but I’d like to go back to it.

Update: You know what, I think these were actually nectarines. They weren’t fuzzy, they were slightly shiny, and they were more orange in color. They sold them as peaches though.

Peach Painting is for sale.