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Coronado Beach Plein Air

Painted on the beach in Coronado last week, before I left San Diego for a few days in Las Vegas. Just got around to photographing it today.

I’ve been playing around lately with a more conventional approach to Impressionism. In this piece, Pissarro’s ‘petite tache’ and palette and what all. My approach to painting doesn’t tend to come from that place- I got here via a winding path out of modernist abstraction that eventually led to being on a street corner with a paint box. So it’s fun to tinker with the style, so familiar from childhood visits to the National Gallery of Art in DC. We’ll see if it becomes a thing.

Plein Air, Coronado

Cabrillo Landscape Painting San Diego Plein Air

Surf at Cabrillo

Cabrillo Landscape Painting San Diego Plein Air

Painted down in the surf at Cabrillo. for sale

Here in San Diego, we are spoiled by “perfect” weather but in reality, there are many deviations from “perfect.” For example, it might be 75 degrees instead of 72 and we will feel a little hot.

But today was not like that. It was absolutely perfect.

Painting at Cabrillo