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Coronado Beach Plein Air

Painted on the beach in Coronado last week, before I left San Diego for a few days in Las Vegas. Just got around to photographing it today.

I’ve been playing around lately with a more conventional approach to Impressionism. In this piece, Pissarro’s ‘petite tache’ and palette and what all. My approach to painting doesn’t tend to come from that place- I got here via a winding path out of modernist abstraction that eventually led to being on a street corner with a paint box. So it’s fun to tinker with the style, so familiar from childhood visits to the National Gallery of Art in DC. We’ll see if it becomes a thing.

Plein Air, Coronado

Barcelona Painting Rooftops el Born

Last Light, Barcelona

Painted on location in Barcelona. This is the view from my apartment on the 5th floor of a building from 1770. That’s right, five floors of tiny winding stairs. With my easel and tripod, and on the way back up with barras de pan, I barely fit in that staircase. Fortunately, I have arch support insoles.