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Barcelona Painting Rooftops el Born

Last Light, Barcelona

Painted on location in Barcelona. This is the view from my apartment on the 5th floor of a building from 1770. That’s right, five floors of tiny winding stairs. With my easel and tripod, and on the way back up with barras de pan, I barely fit in that staircase. Fortunately, I have arch support insoles.

San Diego Watercolor Painting

Roof With HVACs, San Diego Watercolor

San Diego Watercolor Painting

HVACs in Kearny Mesa- for sale

Due to falling sky junk/ pebbles thrown by the wheels of a semi/ or something, my windshield had a giant crack in it. This seemed to me like a safety issue. So I drove up to an area called Kearny Mesa to get it fixed, or rather replaced because there was too much damage.

Kearny Mesa is one of those sprawling suburban places but it has a few things going for it:

1. Korean and Japanese supermarkets.
2. Mid Century Modern commercial buildings everywhere.

After dropping off the truck at the repair place, I wandered off in search of something to paint and found this roof studded with about a dozen HVAC units. I thought it was really cool looking.