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Tomato and Bread Still Life Painting

Tomatoes and Bread

Tomato and Bread Still Life Painting

Tomato and Bread Still Life Painting- For Sale

My favorite kind of still life is the pantry scene, of humble food objects in a peaceful setting. I think when those paintings are successful, they turn into a type of poem about being in that moment, kind of a Zen thing. Yet they preserve that moment, and make it timeless.

When people talk about being right brained, and when they talk about meditation, that’s what I think they mean, finding that calm, golden feeling.

The bread here is home made by the way- a home made ciabatta.

I Really Like Your Peaches

Peach Still Life Painting

Peach Still Life Painting

Two peaches on the shelf, with a drawing taped to the wall behind. I like organic still life compositions, where the painting just grows out of whatever objects happen to be on the table.

I’ve got away from that idea recently, but I’d like to go back to it.

Update: You know what, I think these were actually nectarines. They weren’t fuzzy, they were slightly shiny, and they were more orange in color. They sold them as peaches though.

Peach Painting is for sale.