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Tomato and Bread Still Life Painting

Tomatoes and Bread

Tomato and Bread Still Life Painting

Tomato and Bread Still Life Painting- For Sale

My favorite kind of still life is the pantry scene, of humble food objects in a peaceful setting. I think when those paintings are successful, they turn into a type of poem about being in that moment, kind of a Zen thing. Yet they preserve that moment, and make it timeless.

When people talk about being right brained, and when they talk about meditation, that’s what I think they mean, finding that calm, golden feeling.

The bread here is home made by the way- a home made ciabatta.

Baguette Painting

Baguette Painting- French Bread Painting

Baguette Painting – For Sale

Painting of still life with baguette. The delicious end of the loaf of french bread… that turned hard as a rock and made its way into art.

I painted this back when my still life shelf was still red (it’s gray now).