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French Macarons

Macarons from Le Parfait Paris here in San Diego.

I love their baguettes too- they are European style, rather than the more-common-around-here American artisan style (which I also like). I am planning to try everything on their menu.

The last macaron painting has taken me a year and still isn’t done – the cookies just faded to tan and brown- but I really wanted these for dessert tonight.

French Macaron Painting

French Macarons Still Life Painting

French Macaron Painting

French Macaron Painting- for sale

French Macarons. Raspberry and Black Currant, I believe. It was difficult not to eat these.

Whole Foods in Hillcrest just had a major makeover. Now they have a cafe with wine, coffee bar, juice bar… and a giant expanded selection of desserts! Including these macarons.

French Macarons Painting

Macarons de Paris

French Macarons Painting

Macarons painting- For Sale.

I love macarons, and I have finally learned how to make them at home. So far, I have had some odd results in terms of shape but they were still very tasty. I’ve tackled raspberry and pineapple-chocolate.

The ones in this painting were store bought at a great Korean bakery here in San Diego called Big Joy. I think the flavors were pistachio, strawberry, and cappuccino.

Baguette Painting

Baguette Painting- French Bread Painting

Baguette Painting – For Sale

Painting of still life with baguette. The delicious end of the loaf of french bread… that turned hard as a rock and made its way into art.

I painted this back when my still life shelf was still red (it’s gray now).