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Boise Summer

This summer I took a trip to Boise and then up to a mountain town called McCall. The green landscape surprised me and I found it very inspiring. I’ve already posted most of the pictures from that trip that were successful.

This one was less successful at the first go so I tried to push it in a different direction when I got back to San Diego. I thought about painters like Daubigny or Diaz who reworked a plein air hot mess into a successful studio landscape for one thing. And another, I thought of European classical landscapes. Even though there are no Roman ruins or dancing nymphs here, I was re-reading Game of Thrones and found it easy to picture this rugged landscape as the setting for parts of Westeros.

Baguette Still Life Painting

The Bloody Baguette

Baguette Still Life Painting

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“The Bloody Baguette.” The red blotch is when I went to make a sandwich. Knife slipped and I got my thumb most impressively. After brief reflection, realized this was no longer edible and decided to paint it. I avoid artisan-style baguettes for exactly this reason.