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Orange Prius Twins, South Park San Diego

Orange House, Orange Priuses South Park San Diego

for sale

This painting happened sort of by accident but it is also staged. Let me explain. I was painting in Balboa Park, a painting of some trees. And I drove home a different way than usual , through South Park.

I saw this orange house and thought, what a great orange house. Then I saw the orange Prius parked in front of the orange house and I thought, Ha! So then I parked MY orange Prius up the hill behind and painted this.

Tamale Shop in Golden Hill San Diego Watercolor

Tamale Shop in Golden Hill, San Diego

Tamale Shop in Golden Hill San Diego Watercolor

Golden Hill, San Diego – for sale

Saturday afternoon found me at a laundromat. I like clean clothes. I did not exactly plan this series that’s developed of paintings outside laundromats, but it has happened, and I like it.

This particular laundromat is in Golden Hill. Although Golden Hill is a chichi area with extremely expensive Victorian homes, the laundromat turned out to be a dank hole. It does, however, possess the critical amenity of ample parking and it has this tamale shop stuck under an awning right beside it.

I loved the tamale shop and the awning immediately and I had to paint it.

South Park San Diego Painting

South Park Craftsman House, San Diego

South Park San Diego Painting

Outside the laundromat- for sale

While I was working on this drawing at the laundromat, I overheard the following conversation:

3 year old boy: What’s that?
Father: It’s a flag. Can you say flag?
3 year old: Flag. I’m gonna f*** her like a pig!!!

– I just kept painting.