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Termite Tent, North Park

Termite Tent Painting San Diego

Before moving to San Diego, I don’t think I’d seen any buildings in fumigation tents. Like trolley and telephone wires crossing the sky, dumpsters in alleys, and trash cans lined up like soldiers for inspection, I think they add a really exciting decorative element to the urban landscape.

This is an older piece, probably from 2013. for sale

Termite Tent at Night Painting

Termite Tent Painting

Termite Tent at Night Painting

Termite Tent at Night – buy now

This older painting is still one of my favorites. What I love about it is the way the building glows inside the termite tent- they left on the floodlights and in some of the apartments. (I thought you were supposed to cut off the power before tenting, but I’m no expert). And it always takes me back to that cool, wet-smelling night with a marine layer overhead.

Here’s a link to the rest of this series of termite tent paintings. It’s a subject that always draws me back.