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San Diego Beach Painting Cabrillo

Gray Cabrillo Surf

San Diego Beach Painting Cabrillo

Painted on location in Cabrillo, on Point Loma. for sale

Went to Cabrillo today to paint with my friend Margaret.

This composition is weird. I did not know if this would work, and I’m not 100% sure it does work. But it is what it is. I think as artists we need to try to step outside what is comfortable and push the ‘rules’ or even break all of them while staying inside a particular tradition.

Here’s mine:

Painting in Cabrillo

Here’s hers:

Painting with Margaret

We also learned, from eavesdropping on tourists, that people in Spain are more dedicated about recycling than people in Texas. It’s only hearsay though, so don’t quote me on it.

Cabrillo Landscape Painting San Diego Plein Air

Surf at Cabrillo

Cabrillo Landscape Painting San Diego Plein Air

Painted down in the surf at Cabrillo. for sale

Here in San Diego, we are spoiled by “perfect” weather but in reality, there are many deviations from “perfect.” For example, it might be 75 degrees instead of 72 and we will feel a little hot.

But today was not like that. It was absolutely perfect.

Painting at Cabrillo

San Diego Bay Watercolor Painting

San Diego Bay Watercolor Painting

On Sundays we like to get breakfast, and I like to paint a watercolor wherever we eat. Today we went to the stellar Donut Bar, home to fancy donuts of all types. Though there are serious ergonomic issues with the layout of the place, I have decided to believe it adds to the charm. These are extremely good donuts, truly. They are inventive and made from scratch with perfectly balanced flavors and I advise them if you are visiting our fine city.

We took the donuts today to the rowdy port, where Japanese tourists wandered under their umbrellas, bicycle rickshaw drivers griped about medical paperwork, and vagrants yelled about everything on their minds. It was a lovely morning, sunny and warm with moisture in the air giving everyone a lesson in atmospheric perspective as the skyscrapers stepped off into the distance.

Here is my donut- something called a Strawberry Split, a giant sugared soft cake donut split in half, filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. See what I mean? It’s not even the best one they sell.

Donut bar San Diego

And here’s the in-progress shot of the painting:

Painting at the San Diego bay