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Campo dei Frari, Venice

Campo dei Frari, Venice Italy
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Venice in December is a magical place of mists and Christmas lights, fluffy panettone and mulled red wine. But the dawn comes late and the days are short. Between my desire to go see all the churches and palaces and paintings in museums and my jet lag, I went out painting most mornings at 6 AM.

In a piano nobile apartment to the left flickering blue light told me someone was up early, watching morning TV. Just before dawn, yellow lights began to flick on in apartments around the square, and the Frari church doors opened around 7. An antique priest shuffled out and stood there, watching.

San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice

Seen from the Molo across the water. Ah, Venice. This is my last picture from the trip, except two from Rome that I’m iffy about. To celebrate, I’m going to replicate a supper we ate there- pasta alla norma followed by chicken milanese (basically a breaded chicken cutlet.) And plot my next trip!

Piazza San Marco, Venice

I was absolutely fascinated by the acqua alta, or high water in the lower streets in Venice. It laid out for me the engineering feat that building this city was- and the ongoing challenges as well. Not sure how to express this sentiment but I’ll try- even though it’s surpassingly beautiful, the sheer will, determination, and stubbornness of the long ago Venetians to build a city in the water impresses me even more.