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Hillcrest San Diego Painting

Houses in Hillcrest

Hillcrest San Diego Painting

But overlooking North Park – for sale

Just a couple of blocks away. I really like these long, sloping front lawns. The houses are great too, and have great views East over North Park.

Speaking of which:

Saturday May 18, I’ll be at North Park Festival of Arts, in the juried artists area.

North Park Festival of Arts
Booth J-24
On University Ave near Iowa St.
Saturday May 18

Little Italy Victorian Houses San Diego

Little Italy Victorian Houses, San Diego

Little Italy Victorian Houses San Diego

Cottages in Little Italy – San Diego – buy now

Here’s my painting from the Little Italy Art Walk last weekend. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by. I think I posted the one below already- the painting hasn’t been touched since the plein air session.

Painting in Little Italy, San Diego

And working on the piece:

Painting at Mission Federal Art Walk

U Heights Hill- Painting of San Diego

Cityscape Painting of San Diego

I’ve been making some changes to my process lately. One thing I’ve been trying, and I’m not sure if I think it’s successful, is drawing lines freehand instead of using a ruler. On the one hand, I like the sketchy quality that emerges. On the other, I like things to be crisp.

Buy it if you dare