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California Industrial Landscape Painting

Industrial Landscape Painting

California Industrial Landscape Painting

On the fringes of Little Italy- for sale

Little Italy in San Diego is a strange combination of things. There are excellent Italian restaurants and people at least pretending to be Italian. There are gleaming high rises and also tired old buildings like this one, which is abandoned and probably waiting to be turned into a gastropub or craft brewery.

Little Italy Victorian Houses San Diego

Little Italy Victorian Houses, San Diego

Little Italy Victorian Houses San Diego

Cottages in Little Italy – San Diego – buy now

Here’s my painting from the Little Italy Art Walk last weekend. Thank you again to everyone who stopped by. I think I posted the one below already- the painting hasn’t been touched since the plein air session.

Painting in Little Italy, San Diego

And working on the piece:

Painting at Mission Federal Art Walk

Little Italy Painting San Diego Plein Air

Another Plein Air at the Art Walk, Little Italy

Little Italy Painting San Diego Plein Air

Fir Street, Little Italy

Today’s plein air painting from the Mission Federal ArtWalk in Little Italy, San Diego. There was an old lime green cottage next door to a dusky twilight Craftsman (maybe Victorian, I’m not sure)- right across from my booth. A perfect place to paint.

Little Italy San Diego Plein Air

Little Italy Plein Air San Diego

Little Italy San Diego Plein Air


This salon in a great old Craftsman is across from my booth at Mission Federal Art Walk. I’m in 784 on Fir St, between India and Columbia Streets, and I’ll be there until 6 PM Sunday, doing another plein air painting. It should be another beautiful day in San Diego!

Star Builders Supply Building, Little Italy

Star Builders Supply Building, San Diego, California Landscape Painting

Do you love the industrial quality of this circa 1911 building as much as I do?

It’s currently vacant. There are so many great potential uses- restaurants, art studios and galleries, wine bar, boutique hotel. It’s right by the trolley stop too. Pretty great location.

When I was researching this building, wondering what it was, I discovered an evil plot to tear it down and put in a parking lot! What a travesty.

We could easily build the parking structure over top of Star Builders Supply with gigantic stilts, or perhaps incorporate the historic structure into a new construction. I hope it will be saved.

Click here to learn more about Star Builders Supply and the effort to preserve this historic structure.

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