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San Clemente Seascape Painting

San Clemente Seascape Painting

San Clemente Seascape Painting

Rocky Beach, San Clemente, California- buy now

Nice spot for a walk.

My cousin came from out of state for a Disneyland trip, and we met him at a beachfront pizza place in San Clemente. Well not strictly beachfront, but you could see the water.

Capistrano Beach Painting

Capistrano Beach, Dana Point California

Capistrano Beach Painting

Capistrano Beach Painting – For Sale

Late afternoon haze at Capo Beach in Dana Point.

I am a person who usually finishes my oil sketches into more elaborate paintings because I like them polished- but in this case, the loose treatment seemed to reflect the quality of the light. So I left it.

Dana Point Sailboats Painting

Sailboats off Dana Point

Dana Point Sailboats Painting

Dana Point Sailboats Painting- For Sale

I loved the crowd of sailboats around Dana Point, and wished I was in one of them!

A view from the pier in beautiful San Clemente.

Art Reception: Friday January 18 from 6-8 PM
Please join us for wine and refreshments at the opening of my show, “Places Here,” at the Lyceum Gallery in downtown San Diego. The show will feature 28 urban landscape paintings of San Diego. (More info and directions)

Dana Point Drawing

Landscape drawing, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, California

Drawing of Dana Point from the pier in San Clemente, California. We were trying to get to the outlet mall Saturday and my travel jinx* took over. Every time we tried to get to the 5 South we wound up on the 5 North. So we headed north along the California coast, aiming for San Juan Capistrano, but then we decided on beautiful San Clemente instead.

*This happens from time to time- though usually when I am driving- and I wind up going in huge circles before finally winding up somewhere I may not have intended to go, but where it turns out I am glad to be.