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Georgia Street Bridge, San Diego Painting

Georgia Street Bridge, San Diego Painting

Georgia Street Bridge, San Diego Painting

From the southeast corner of University Ave, in Hillcrest, looking up at the retaining walls of the Georgia St bridge over the avenue. This painting was a long time coming. I started it last winter and pulled it out periodically since then, working, wiping off the paint, giving up for a while.

Most recently I made one of my feeble efforts to clean the studio and found the painting again and I thought SURELY THIS TIME I can finish.

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Embassy Hotel, San Diego

San Diego Urban Landscape Painting

I’ve wanted to do a painting of the Embassy Hotel in Hillcrest for a long time, but I had a hard time deciding which facade would make the best painting.

I finally decided on this one, because I liked the simple, functional look of the brick, contrasted with the elaborate Italian/Spanish/Moorish fantasy palace style architecture of the street facades.

I like those facades too… maybe another day I’ll paint them!

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Rolling Farmland in Santa Barbara

Farms in Santa Barbara, California Original Landscape Painting

The rolling hills above Santa Barbara, dotted with California oaks and livestock. We saw horses, cattle- including longhorns- ostrich or emu (can’t tell which)… and then eventually we saw the inside of a winery tasting room.

We went to Fess Parker Winery. Fess Parker was the actor who played Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone on TV back in the day.

At the winery, you could buy miniature coon skin hats to put on wine bottles. Very tempting, but we chose to spend our money on wine instead.

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Eucalyptus Morning

San Diego Landscape Painting, Eucalyptus Trees in Balboa Park

I love the soaring, graceful lines and cathedral-like vaults made by mature eucalyptus trees.

Like the iconic Washingtonia palm, eucalyptus isn’t a native species to the California coast. Because of that, there’s been a backlash in recent years about planting both these beautiful trees along streets and in parks and neighborhoods.

I can see the logic, though I wouldn’t say I agree with it… because I love these trees!

This stand of eucalyptus is on the edge of Balboa Park, and leads into a Hillcrest neighborhood of gracious old homes.

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