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Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona Painting

Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona

Montjuïc Castle, Barcelona Painting

I like castles, despite their inevitably dark histories. In Montjuïc Castle in Barcelona. for sale

Everyone posed for pictures here, and I wonder what they were thinking about. Revolutionaries being executed by firing squad? Bombarding the city during the War of the Spanish Succession? Soldiers pouring boiling oil on them through the murder holes in the ceiling?

Hillcrest Watercolor Painting San Diego

Robinson Ave This Time

Hillcrest Watercolor Painting San Diego

Another morning watercolor in Hillcrest. I wanted to paint The Brass Rail up the street. It’s a cool old building, maybe Art Deco but I’m not sure exactly what architectural style. There’s a good vantage point from a coffee shop on that corner- but it was packed, no seats. So I went with this instead. for sale

Hillcrest Watercolor Painting Wine Steals

Hillcrest Street Scene, Watercolor

Hillcrest Watercolor Painting Wine Steals Painted this morning on University Ave in Hillcrest. for sale.

Watercolor’s been speaking to me lately, and oil less so. Normally I’m more of an oil person but I’ve been at this long enough to know there’s no sense in trying to force it. So watercolor it has been. Another day today with unseasonably overcast skies and a little rain.