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Tecolote Canyon Landscape

San Diego California Landscape Painting

Along the hiking trail in Tecolote Canyon, San Diego, California. I really respond to the golden grass contrasted with the green California live oaks. When I lived in Virginia, that was the look of a winter landscape- but here that is the look of summer.

California Landscape Painting is for sale.

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Cats in Art

Cats in Art

Leaving the pet sitting house today. I think my cat is going to miss the birds in the canyon.

Here’s a closeup of the older painting of mine- probably from 2008 or so.

Still Life With Junk On The Table

This piece is 24 x 24 inches. I used to work much larger than I currently do. I mean, I do still do the occasional large painting for a commission- big paintings can really breathe life into a room- but I’ve been into small-scale works in a big way for at least a year now. Sometimes I still feel the urge to paint six foot canvases though! Maybe of San Diego Brutalist architecture, which has caught my eye lately.

I remember with this painting I felt very bold and rebellious for using black out of the tube. It was Utterly Forbidden when I was in art school.

OK, going to pack things up and head out. I am itching to get to my easel.

Urban Landscape Painting, San Diego, California

San Diego Urban Landscape Painting

San Diego Urban Landscape Painting

Urban Landscape, San Diego – Oil Painting

This house and the garage- in the foreground- are Mission Revival in style, but due to the vantage point from the alley, they look like modernist white boxes. It is a strange but wonderful place. The front and sides are all different colors- pink and light green and taupe and beige for the different sides of the house and detached garage. But all close to pale so you don’t see it at first. After the recent rains, the yard is a green and gold carpet of California wildflowers.

Urban Landscape, San Diego – Oil Painting is for sale.